Welcome to the page for the Magic Sandbox (Augmented Reality Sandbox)

An augmented reality sandbox can provide a unique, intuitive, interactive experience no matter a participants age. Those that have seen an AR sandbox in action are excited to see another one, and those who haven’t yet encountered one often are amazed at the experience.

The Sandbox in Action

AR Sandbox Demo 2018-09-15

Above is a demonstration of the Magic Sandbox (Augmented Reality Sandbox)

How it works

There is a short-throw projector pointing down onto the sand, providing the illusion of coloring the sand. Suspended above the sandbox is a Microsoft Kinect Sensor (which senses distance and depth, in addition to a standard color camera) that will sense and calculate the depth and contours of the shaped sand. Both the projector and Kinect are connect to a PC with software running that will then project an image, in real-time, of colored topographic contour lines onto the sand. As an individual makes mountains or valleys in the sand, the computer/kinect will sense the change and change the colored projection onto the sand. In addition to the contour lines, some simple “games” and interactive elements through the creation of simple software controlled “animals” (fish in the water the swim in schools, sharks that seek out fish, and rabbits on the land) will react to the changes of the topography in the sand and each other.